What are 5 ways to improve your health?

What you eat is closely related to your health. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Research has documented a link between lower levels of physical fitness and emotional and mental health risks. Given the known threats to emotional and mental well-being throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, improving your physical condition through daily activity is one way to improve health.

Not only will you have more energy to face each day, but as a result, your outlook on work and life will improve. On your own or in collaboration with your primary care doctor, consider what you eat, your activity level, stressors and your sleep. Identify something that can be quickly and easily addressed and changed. That first small change, with the resulting success, will motivate you to go further.

As time goes on, continue to make small changes. Some changes may take longer to become part of your daily lifestyle, but if you follow them, you'll notice that your health will improve. Depending on your personal goals and health status, consider the following suggestions. Remember to take small steps, incorporating healthy changes that last.

Sleep rejuvenates the body and brain. Adults should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. To set your body's sleep rhythm, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day and store your electronic devices at bedtime. Sleep is likely to improve with better nutrition, exercise, and reduced stress.

Just like it needs food and water, our bodies need sleep to survive. Learn more about the important work our brain does while we rest. This could be as simple as making a to-do list each day or doing 15-minute stretches before bed. Whatever you choose, following a regular routine can benefit both your mental and physical health.

For more ideas, read how microsteps can create healthier habits. The start of a new decade brings new resolutions to improve life, including a healthier lifestyle.

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