25+ Tips to Reduce Noise Pollution Exposure and Improve Quality of Life

Noise pollution is a growing problem in our world, and it can have serious consequences for our health and wellbeing. It is measured in decibels (dB) and sound levels above 100 dB can cause permanent hearing loss. Fortunately, there are numerous practical ways to reduce noise pollution exposure and improve our quality of life. Here are more than 25 simple steps we can take to reduce noise pollution exposure and improve our quality of life.

At Home

Turning down the volume of the television, radio or music is a great way to reduce noise pollution exposure.

If you listen to loud music, take breaks to reduce your exposure. Additionally, using quieter products such as power tools, toys, and recreational vehicles whenever available can help reduce noise pollution. Furthermore, reducing equipment noise by replacing worn, loose, or unbalanced machine parts can also help.

Create a Quiet Space

Having a space dedicated to tranquility can pay off when we want to escape the noises that make us feel uncomfortable and affect our quality of life. Quiet spaces can guarantee up to 100% of soundproofed areas.

Measure Noise Levels

Noise exposure is measured in units of sound pressure levels called decibels, using A-weighted sound levels (dBA).

There are several ways to control and reduce workers' exposure to noise in a workplace where exposure has been shown to be excessive.

Limit Exposure

Remember that, according to the World Health Organization, noise should not exceed 30 dB. Noise above 45 dB prevents you from falling asleep or sleeping properly.

Use Earplugs

Earplugs have health benefits, especially for those who want to have a healthy sleep habit in noisy areas.

Be Aware of Latent Effects

Loud noises can have latent effects on our behavior, causing aggressive behavior and irritability. Noise pollution is a big problem because it creates discomfort, interferes with a person's peace of mind and decreases their quality of life. By following these tips, we can all do our part to reduce noise pollution exposure and create a healthier environment for ourselves and future generations.

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