What are the 7 positive lifestyle factors?

Monitor your physical and mental health. There are many temptations and distractions that can take you away from positive, healthy daily habits. Positive mental health is defined as the presence of general emotional and psychological well-being, while mental health problems can be defined as the presence of psychopathological symptoms (i.e., studies have demonstrated that lifestyle can have a positive effect on symptoms of depression and anxiety, satisfaction with life, and perception of mental health (Velten et al.

Now that the month of January is over, life has calmed down a bit, it's time to focus on yourself and choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Curiously, a vegetarian diet has been associated with less positive mental health and more mental health problems.

You can't change your genes, or even much of the environment around you, but you can choose your lifestyle to improve your health. The lifestyle variables they studied included body mass index and the frequency of physical and mental activities (i.e., a lifestyle choice is a personal and conscious decision to engage in behavior that may increase or decrease the risk of injury or illness).

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