What is a healthy paragraph?

A good paragraph has a topic sentence, a few supporting sentences, and a final sentence. A topic sentence is the main idea that is explained in the paragraph. Supportive prayers support that idea, and the final sentence sums it all up clearly. Health is the most precious asset in our lives.

Both mental and physical health are important for living a healthy life. Mental health refers to psychological well-being. It is the balanced state of mind that works on an emotional and behavioral level. The mental state not only manages consciousness, but it also influences the functioning of the body.

Each group of prayers has three support prayers and one thematic prayer. The main sentence should be broad enough to include all the supporting prayers. In each group of sentences, choose which sentence is the main sentence. Write the letter of the main sentence on the line indicated.

The main paragraph should explain why or how the main sentence is true. The sentences that support the main sentence are called support sentences. You can have many types of support prayers. Supporting sentences can give examples, explanations, details, descriptions, facts, reasons, etc.

Exercise is the healthiest way to deal with stress. Then circle which prayers would be good support prayers.

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